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Europe — appears to be way larger than it is in reality

As we all know that the Earth is a sphere so it means that it is impossible to accurately depict earth’s surface on a 2D map.

Due to the fact how the Mercator projection works, the more north or south a landmass is, the more large it appears. As result: Many places — e.g. Russia, Alaska, and even all of Europe — turns out to be way larger on the map than they are in reality.

The United Kingdom is one country that appears bigger than it is, is actually smaller than Japan, New Zealand, and the Philippines. And Canada, as another example, is in fact approximately is of size of China.

Africa is huge. Imagine how many countries — including the United States, China, India, several European nations, and more — you could put in there.

It still doesn’t feel good to suddenly know that Canada is a lot smaller than we always thought.



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