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Rakhi Sawant to Rakhi Sawant Fatima

Rakhi Sanwant’s marries to Adil Durrani and changed her name after Nikah. Several pictures and news of her are floating on social media. The change in her name can be seen on her Nikah nama (Islamic marriage certificate).

“We had a nikah ceremony and a court marriage. Since he stopped me from disclosing it, I remained tightlipped for the past seven months. He felt that it would be difficult to find a suitor for his sister if people knew about our marriage. According to him, tum Rakhi Sawant ke saath judoge toh tumne badnaami lee hai.”, Rakhi Sanwat told.

“Finally, I’m happy so excited and got married my love is 4 Ever unconditional love for you Adil.”m Rakhi Sanwat Fatima shared on her Instagram.


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